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This is seriously the easiest dress I have EVER made! It is right up there next to circle skirts.

After seeing the
re-purposed T-Shirt into Ruffly dress by Make It & Love It (which has also made it onto my never ending to-do list), she brought to my attention an amazing product I never knew existed...PRE-RUFFLED FABRIC!!!

She is my new BFF 4Eva...lol. This great
Ruffle Fabric shop has an amazing assortment of ruffled fabrics in all sorts of vibrant colors! And any of you who know me, know that my daughters LOVE anything girly, frilly, and fabulous! I immediately purchased a couple of yards.

Making the 20 Minute Ruffle Dress is easy. All you need is a yard of ruffle fabric (probably less - like 3/4 yard), and a sleeveless dress or shirt pattern. I used the bodice pattern pieces from The Cottage Mama's Party Dress since it was readily available in my pattern pile. You can find that HERE if you need one.

Laying the bodice pattern pieces down on the fabric, with BOTH of them on the fold, I cut out the top and arced out to my desired length.

Then with right sides together, I sewed up the side seams and shoulder seams. Turned the dress right side out, folding down the raw edge neck line and armholes, and zig zag stiched them inside.

And voila, you are finished! It is that simple! I didn't have a belt to embellish with, so I used a scrap piece of brown knit fabric I had lying around and simply made a belted tube with it to slip over the dress.

The possibilities are endless with this fabric, it is FABULOUS! Try making a ruffle skirt in no time by just adding an elastic waistband. Or make this dress and add some ruffled rosettes around the waistband. People will think you spent a fortune!

I am in love. Next up...a pink ruffle dress for my other daughter, naturally.

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