domingo, 26 de fevereiro de 2012

Do Blog Natty by design - Maternity jeans

Let me start by saying I didn't prewash my fabric, I didn't plan, I didn't research and I didn't use heavy-duty thread, but they turned out great and cost under $30.

Supplies:  $10.50 Forever 21 stretchy skinny jeans
                 $16.99 Belly Band from Target
                 black thread

I started by cutting out the zipper and stitching the fly closed.  (My sewing machine isn't heavy-duty enough to handle sewing over a zipper).

After sewing the fly shut, cut around the front.  I cut lower in front to accommodate the belly.

If it's easier to visualize this way - this is the piece that was removed.

Put right sides together...

…and stitch along the seam of the belly band.

Flip them right-side out and try them on!


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